The Myjoom Super cluster plugin will generate super-fast clusters on maps with large numbers of markers.

Unlike some other clustering extensions, our plugin generates the cluster on server-side.

This results in better map rendering performance.

Geocode Factory 5

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Super Cluster plugin

Plugin Presetation

If you have a large number of markers, you can enable this new type of clustering. Clustering will divide your map into coordinate squares and place (at the median position) a cluster in each one. Each cluster that has more than one marker shows the number of markers inside the cluster; otherwise a single marker is shown.

You can select between 2 methods:

- Markerclusterer: place each markers 'on the fly' into the right cluster. If you have 1000 markers, the 1000 markers will be loaded, tested and dispatched into the right cluster. The markerclusterer JS library will also be loaded. The client device resources are used to calculate the clusters. Please note that this is resource intensive on the client-side. (some devices like iPad, are even experiencing browser crashes.

- SuperCluster: this is a MyJoom plugin (available here) that will reduce the bandwidth required, and increase your map-loading performance. If you have 1000 markers on the map, the clusters are calculated on the server-side, and only 5-20kb (depending the plugin settings) are required to load and transfer the markers.

If you have a very large number of markers (15000+) and you select a high number of clusters to be displayed (16+), it will use a fair amount of server resources so some testing may be required to see what works best for your application.

The super cluster is working and increased the performance of the map exponentially. [...] Everything is working well now. Thanks!


First of all you need to install the Super cluster plugin, through the joomla installer. To use the super cluster you need to configure in the Geocode Factory main settings:

- System > Global configuration > Geocode Factory 5 > use new method > Yes

This is required because the super cluster is recalculated upon each zoom or pan (changing the view) of the map.

On each map where you want to use this feature, you need to:

- Map editor > Clustering > Super cluster plugin

- You need also to define the maximum cluster zoom This is the maximum zoom value in which clusters are still generated. It is the zoom level where individual markers start appearing and clusters disappear

Note: if this value is the same as the map maximum zoom value, the multibubble feature is used, when 2 or more markers are on the same place.


The last item to configure is the plugin itself. On Joomla backend, go on Extensions > plugins manager and locate the Super Cluster plugin. There are 3 options:

- The minimum number of visible markers to trigger the clustering calculation. This is the number of markers that below which, clustering is not used at all and all markers are drawn individually.

- The number of columns (see below).

- The number of rows (see below).

- To generate the clusters, the map is divided in squares. To define the number of square we define a number or row and of columns. If you define 3 rows and 4 columns (3x4), the result will be a 12 square map, that will contains 12 clusters (or less for areas without markers). Note that the total quantity of visible markers will be looped to generate each cluster. The more squares you have more server resources are used.

Note: You can customise the cluster images, to do this you need to create png images into the media/com_geofactory/cluster/ folders, each cluster image need to be named 1.png, 2.png, ... 5.png.

Know Issues

The clusters does not appear If you select the map’s center point option to ‘All Markers’, and the Clustering mode to ‘Super Cluster Plugin’, is normal that the cluster does not appear, because with this combinaison of settings, the old markers loading method is used. In this case if you realy need the ‘All markers’ center point, use the classic ‘Markercluster’ cluster option.

[...] just wanted to say how freaking fast the maps are loading with the cluster plugin. Great Job! Dude you rock! Thank you.

You can chek out Super Cluster plugin in action on our demo page