Joomla! Contacts is the default Joomla! component that can be used as a basic directory or as an extension of the Joomla! user profile where you can store all the info of a particular user.

Using Geocode Factory's Contacts gateway you can geocode the contacts that have an address, list the contacts of a single category or include also it's sub categories.

The Geocode Factories Joomla! Contacts Gateway is fully compatible with the Geocode Factory free map module.

This gateway contains 1 file:

- The Gateway (for Joomla! 3.x and Contacts 3.0.0)

Geocode Factory 5

20,00 €
Gateway for Joomla! Contacts

Main Features

The gateway plugin for Joomla! Contacts contains the following main features:

- Create markers sets with endless filtering options (categories, custom fields, special database queries, etc)
- Allow batch backend geocoding of Contact entries
- Add a sales area field (distance) to your entries
- Auto-categories feature (entries depending the currently browsed category)
- And much more..

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