multiselectYou have more than one markerset to display and you want to allow users to toggle between the one(s) to display on the map at their own will?

In this example we have two markersets: One is a list of cities populated with more than 1 million people and the other with less than that.

Check / uncheck marker selectors

Try it !

More than 1 million people
Less than 1 million people

Multiselect allowed

The markersets are from Sobipro. However the same principles displayed here also apply for Community Builder, Jomsocial, Mosets, etc, or a combination of any of these.

Toggle Selector

This is very easy to reproduce. Simply add the sidelist placeholder in the map's template. In more detail. select your map inside the "Map manager". Then click on the "Template" tab and place your cursor at the place where you wish to add your placeholder inside the "Map template" box. Finally click on the "Placeholders generator" at the bottom and select  "{toggle_selector_1}" (or simply type "{toggle_selector_1}" inside the box).

Keep in mind there is also a version of this toggle selector that checks all the markersets and not the first one like you see here. This is the {toggle_selector} placeholder.

To see how we applied the custom field filter in this case look at Markers filtering.