sales areaThe sales area feature allows you to assign a radius distance for/from each entry, to represent the reach of each entry's activity.

By using a custom field of your choice, each entry can have it's own value that will determine the size of the radius used reflect the area it will cover.

For example, if the entry is a restaurant, this radius may be used to represent the distance they are willing to deliver to. Or if the entry is a wifi network node (or other type of "antenna"),  it can be used to display the distance where the signal is available.

Enter "Sunrise, FL" as center point and 1 mile as distance. You will see that two entries are found inside this given radius, but results from outside the 1 mile blue radius also appear, with their own sales area radius. Thus is because their respective sales area radius intersects the given radius that you are searching in. Try it !

Loaded markers : 0

Each entry has a fixed value for the sales area, and this value is drawn as a green circle. The size of the sales area radius is taken from a custom field value that is assigned for this purpose. Please note that the green circle can be hidden.

This map have a fixed center and the markers are from Sobipro. The center point of the radius can be selected by a right click on the map just as you can by entering any value (adress or location) in the search input.

For example try this: Change the radius distance in the radius search (1, 5, 10, 50, etc) and then right click on the map. The radius is changed accordingdly. Finally also note that you can drag the radius across the map. 

How To Configure

The custom field to be used for determining the sales are radius is defined by a select list in the "Specific Settings" tab of your markerset (inside the "Markerset Manager") as you will see in the image below:

The way to achieve this in more detail is the following:

  • In your markerset manager select the markerset of your choice.
  • Then, under the "Specific Settings" tab simply choose the custom field (from your 3rd party extension) that you wish to assign for the sales area, as seen in the image below. 
  • The custom field must have a numeric value to act properly function as a sales area field. The numeric value will of course represent the distance of the sales arera (radius).

Note: The markerset type is a SobiPro one in this case so the choices in the dropwdown refer to SobiPro fields. The principal is the same however in the case of Community Builder, JomSocial, Mosets, etc.

 sales area settings