clusterAre there too many markers on your map making the marker cloud unreadable in some locations?

The solution is clustering!

Clustering is a fully customisable feature on Geocode Factory. You can select the type of icon used and it's size, the zoom level, as well as the grid size.

This map have a fixed center, and fixed zoom. The markers are from Sobipro and they use category dependant icons. You can see the same map without clustering here.

This map is set to display clustered markers from Sobipro using the respective category icons as set up within the 3rd party extension.

How To Configure

The way to enable and customise clustering is the following (see also image below): 

  • Select your map inside the "Map manager".
  • Click on the "Clustering" tab and set "Enable cluster" to "Yes".
  • Adjust the "Zoom on cluster" and "Grid size" to your liking.
  • If you want to use a custom image/icon for the cluster, enter the image path. Youy can also customise the size settings