icon options smallIn Geocode Factory you have a variety of sources available to you for selecting the marker icons to be used for your entries. as seen in the image.

A feature we will see in this demo is the category dependant icons. Each entry in the markerset will automatically get it's marker icon from the category image as it is assigned in SobiPro (the same applies if you use Community Builder, Jomsocial, Mosets, etc).

We will be using the default "Business directory" icons/categories, just as they appear on the official SobiPro Demo. We will also discuss/explain the other options as well.

This map is set to display markers from Sobipro using the respective category icons as set up within the 3rd party extension.

Category dependant marker icons

Like we mentioned before, the markerset in the map here has category dependant icons. 

The way to do this is very straightforward. Simply select your markerset inside the "Markserset manager" and then click on the "Marker icon" tab. Finally select "Image from category" from the "Icon type" dropdown.

Please note that the categories here do not actually mean anything, the entries are randomly assigned to categories for the sole purpose of demonstrating the functionality.

Avatar or icon from item

Just like the example above with the categories, in this case each entry in your markerset will automatically get it's marker icon from the icon assigned to it inside your 3rd party extension. The markerset above is from Sobipro. However the same principles displayed here also apply for Community Builder, Jomsocial, Mosets, etc, or a combination of any of these. That is why there is the reference to "avatar",  which is what the icon associated with users is typically called In the case of user management components like Community Builder and Jomsocial for example.

The way to do this is to simply select "Avatar or icon from item" from the "Icon type" dropdown.

Map icon

Yet another option is select one of the many available markers that come with Geocode Factory by default. These markers come from the mapsmarker.com' s collection.

To do this, choose "Mapicon" from the "Icon type" dropdown, and then select the icon of your choice in the dropdown field "Select a mapicon" located on the bottom.

Custom selected icon

Finally you can also upload your own custom icon to use for your markeset. This is done by selecting "Custom uploaded marker image" from the "Icon type" dropdown, and then uploading that image in the next field "Custom joomla image".

 icon options big